Setting up a marine aquarium.

This section of setting up a marine aquarium in this section is broken into several sub sections in order
to benefit people starting a marine aquarium from scratch to absorb better. They are all
written by an experienced bro by the good name of Roger Yeoh. He has been a marine aquarium
fanatic for for 19 years and in the trade for 2.5 and as the saying goes, well worth his salt.

   Marine Tank initial setup   

Dimension and volume considerations of a marine setup. Also includes step by step marine tank setup procedures.

 Filtration & Water Tests

Types and mechanisms of marine filtration. Mechnical, biological and chemical filtration and how to set them up.


All the aspects of lighting in a marine setup, including but not limited to
colour, intensity and duration.



Methods of controlling marine aquarium temperature.



The basis of starting a marine aquarium bio-tope.

There is an endless list of biotopes that you can build up, much depending on personal taste and budget. Guidelines on dos and don'ts,
with an occasional recommendation.


Most of the maintenance relates to keeping your water quality parameters as close to perfect as possible




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