Cheap, Hardy Marine Fish

The following are some cheap, hardy fish that you can use to cycle your marine fish tank
For freshwater counterparts, look at cheap hardy freshwater fish.

Marine Damselfish Other than the Chromis all of the Damsels are hardy species.
Clownfish Most species of Clownfish you can buy are bred in captivity, therefore they are more hardy and adaptable.
Tangs Especially the long nose Zebrasomas.
Groupers Panther, Striped

These fish more hardy to tolerate bad water conditions in the period of cycling as
ammonia and nitrite levels rised to an unhealthy level. However, as marine fish are very
fragile, make sure you test the water regularly.

Usually fish that are cheap are lower priced are cheaper because they are mass produced in fish farms.
Delicate fish cannot be raised in such mass production conditions
thus they are more expensive to raise and are more expensive at the fish shop.

Therefore, in some way, cheaper fish are usually hardier fish!


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