Introducing fish to your aquarium.
This section covers all you need to know about introducing fish to your new aquarium or
adding fish to an already stocked aquarium.



Putting fish to a new(empty) aquarium.
First of all, make sure that your tank is already cycled. There is no point in dumping your fish into
an uncycled tank and seeing them die. If you have seen a fish that you are really keen to start an aquarium with,
you are better off if you find out the name of the fish and research about it while your tank cycles.
If it is not a rare fish, you should be able to get the same fish after your fish tank has cycled, whether in
the same fish shop or other fish shops in your area. If it is a rare fish, you should not be getting it.
This is because rare fishes are rare for a reason, and most of the time it is because they die easily
or need special attention whether in terms of food, water conditions or parameters.
In short, rare fish is not a good idea for someone just getting into the hobby.

Suppose you have cycled the fish tank, and you have brought your new fish home:


1. Put your bag/bags of fish down on a stable surface for your fish to calm down.
The fish may be unsettled in the travel from the fish shop all the way to your house,
being thrown about in the bag of water throughout the journey.

2. Have a cup of tea and take a rest. You are more likely to just dump everything
into the water if you are tired from all that travelling.

3. Float your bag/bags of fish on the water so that the temperature of the water in the bag
adjusts to the water temperature in the tank. Imagine someone dumping you in the middle of
a freezing swimming pool. If you have to go in, you'll rather do it slowly so you can adapt
to the temperature difference. So do your fish.

4. If you have aggresive fish, let the smaller/less aggressive ones go into the water first,
so that they have a headstart in exploring the tank and find hiding places.
It is harder for them to explore when the big guys go in.

5. Add the rest of the fish in and observe carefully. You may need to create more hiding places
for the fish or you may need to adjust air flow.

6. It is best not to feed when they fish are settling into their new environment.
This is because feeding can cause aggresive competition and you don't want that
before everyone has settled down.

7. Always change your feeding area instead of always feeding in the same spot because
domainant fish will occupy a feeding zone and chase away all others in it.


Adding new fish to an already stocked aquarium.
Avoid introducing new fishes with the same colour, shape and size.
For some reason, they are more likely to fight if they are similar.

1. Try introducing new fishes during feeding time or during a water change.
This needs to be accompanied by a slight re-arrangement of existing rocks/decoration.
This is because the existing fish has established their territory and
every area in the tank already 'belongs' to some fish.
The new fish will be intruding in another's territory no matter where it goes.
This can be stressful for the new fish because it needs to 'squeeze' into someone's spot.
Re-arranging the decoration breaks up all territories and forces every fish to reallocate territories
so that there is a spot for everyone.

2. Feed the fish, a little at a time until they are all satisfied. Make sure that there is adequate food for each fish,
and keep changing the feeding zone so that the domainant fish don't prevent others from getting fed.

3. Turn off the lights to calm the new fish.


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