Fishless cycling.
This is a method of cycling the tank without using fish.
For an easier method, see the traditional cycling with fish method.
In the traditional way, you don't have to look at a fishless tank everyday.


Fishless cycling is a method which fishkeepers use to cycle the tank without using fish. The theory behind it is the same as using fish to cycle the tank. The only difference of this from the traditional method is that ammonia is introduced into the system by the fish keeper directly, instead of being produced by fish in the tank.

First of all set everything up. Try to get some gravel from an established tank from the fish shop because those gravel will contain seed bacteria. This makes it much faster for the tank to cycle. If you are too shy to ask for free gravel, you may consider buying some small potted plants from the fish tanks in the shop. In the worst senario, you can just start from scratch although it will take longer for the tank to cycle.

Note 1: Make sure you used dechlorinated water when you set this up.
Note 2: Do not wash the plants/gravel you got with the seed bacteria in them.

Now, try to get your hands on pure ammonia with no perfume or other addictive to it.

Add 4-5 drops of ammonia per 10 gallons of water, everyday.

Monitor the nitrites level everyday.

When you see a nitrates spike, drop the addition to 2-3 drops of ammonia per 10 gallons of water, everyday

When you see the nitrites level drop to zero,

Congratulations, your tank is fully cycled!


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