Aquarium Equipment and Accessories.

Different fish requires different water conditions and water character. Today's technology has
advanced to the point that there are many complements that can be used to make
life much easier for the fish keeping person (and for the fish).
In this section we will explore what you need for keeping freshwater and saltwater fish as
well as differentiate the essential equipment from the 'not needed' ones.

 Water aeration   

Just like humans cannot live without oxygen, neither can fish. For us, we are able to obtain oxygen from normal air. However, most fish can only obtain dissolved oxygen in water. Being in an open system, fresh air constantly reaches us, that is why we do not need additional air pumps. Fish in the tank is a closed system. With no constant supply of water in and out, dissolved oxygen is easily depleted. An air pump is then used to increase the surface area in contact with the water, leading to increased dissolved oxygen. An air pump also causes a mild water flow, which is excellent for circulating the water so that water near the top of the tank (richer in dissolved air) is circulated below.

 Water Flow

Freshwater fish do not require water flow as much as marine fish. In marine setups, you need to make sure there is water flow in all areas, so that there is no dead pockets of still water. The equipment to do this is the water pump. If your water pump is not strong enough, you will find your fish swimming near to it. In such cases, consider a stronger pump.


 Water Temperature  

Marine fish requires chillers if you are in a warm country. The same way, in a cold climate country, you need heaters to keep tropical fish. Tropical fish that are kept in too cold environments get sick easily. Marine fish can die if the water is too warm.


 Water filtration  

There are 3 types of filtration, namely
chemical filtration
biological filtration
mechanical filtration

More than one type of filtration should be used for effectiveness.
Note: Activated Carbon in aquarium should NOT be used!

 Breeding Implements  

Breeding fish requires some special equipment such as sponge filter (instead of the normal onces that suck in fry and kill them), possible isolation tank and structures for hiding. This section wil be expanded in time.



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