I hope I can cover everything you NEED to know in aquarium fishkeeping under one roof here.
All information is in simple, easy to understand and quick to absorb terms.
However, only the wording is simple, some concepts are complex.
If still not simple enough, please let me know. I will fix it.
I am not a native english speaker, so please forgive my grammar.
What I know, I learnt from experience. What I hope, is to pass on my knowledge.
Here, I hope together we can bridge the gap between your fish and you,
in order that you will be able to think like a fish and care for it properly.

The result is your fish bringing your relaxation , and you giving your fish a healthy and long life.

I have received offers to translate my language better,
but I fear the original meanings to be lost.
At least when I write them myself, I know it is correct.

The language is simple,
Everything you find here is scientifically 100% correct and up to date.
Some of you may not agree with some things, in such cases,
please feel free to send me your opinions. If your method can be tested,
I will. Not to prove you wrong, but for the purpose of learning.
I have been learning all my life and still I never stop learning.
If it works better, I will put it here with full credit to you.
I believe in keeping an open mind.

Thank you for exploring this information archive and

I hope your journey will be fruitful.

Start surfing! Explore! Life is a journey of learning.
Share what you know, ask what you don't.
In the end, everybody learns something they didn't know before.

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